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2019 Winners

Top Participating Schools - Prince Philip North, St. Davids, Carleton, St. Anthony, Jeanne Sauve, Port Weller, Oakridge, Dalewood, Canadian Martyrs, Richmond Street, Westmount, Wheatley...52 schools!

Top Fundraising Schools - St. Davids, Carleton, Crossroads, Westmount, Richmond Street, Wheatley,St. Anthony, Beacon, Lincoln Centennial, Niagara College, Brock, Canadian Martyrs

Top Elementary Fundraising Off Site (at their own school) - Crossroads Public School

Top Secondary Fundraising/Off Site Schools - Laura Secord Secondary, St. Francis, Eden, E.L .Crossley, Governor Simcoe

Michele Currie Memorial Award for top secondary school fundraiser - Laura Secord Secondary

School Heart and Spirit Award for top secondary school fundraiser - St. Francis Catholic Secondary

Top Design Winning Schools - E L Crossley, Mother Teresa, Prince Philip N, St. Anthony,St. Davids, Jeanne Sauve, Canadian Martyrs, Ferndale, Beacon Christian, Carleton, Westmount, Dalewood, Pine Grove, Wheatley, Parnall, Crossroads, Governor Simcoe Secondary, Eden, Kate S. Durdan, Laura Secord Secondary

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